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Andrea C.

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2 years ago I had my braces removed. Ever since then, I have always had dark yellow stains across my teeth. I had tried using whitening mouthwash and toothpaste from different stores, but never saw an improvement. I went to Rodeo Drive Cosmetics after coming across their services online. We discussed my teeth and what possible improvements the teeth whitening treatment could make. My teeth were compared to a color scale and unfortunately they were matching the lower, most yellow part of the scale.

Very friendly and made me feel both comfortable and excited to start the treatment!

The whitening treatment lasted about 20 minutes. I was given a special mouth piece that had whitening gel and instructed me to place it in my mouth. Then I placed my mouth in front of a cool blue laser light. I felt no pain at all! Before I knew it, the treatment was over. I was instructed to take out the mouth guard and gargle a cleansing solution. After that, my teeth were compared on the color scale again and the results were unbelievable!

My teeth were 10 shades whiter... in 20 minutes!!!

I was so amazed that something so quick and painless could transform my appearance. I will definitely be recommending services at Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Centers to all my friends and family.


Cara B.

I am beyond thankful for the excellent customer service😃.
I always look forward to my appointment, and it's a joy to see them each time. Thank you so much!

Casey M.

I had a consultation with Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Center who absolutely put my mind at ease and performed my first session of Collagen Rejuvenation the same day. I waited one month between treatments and avoided the sun and only used products recommended. I began to notice modest results after the second treatment and continued after each treatment, but honestly the real results didn't start appearing until about four months after the last treatment and then WOW- I would say my scarring is about 75% better and my wrinkles have dramatically disappeared.

I think I've enhanced the results by having a skin resurfacing peel done three times now and began using quality skin regimen that includes good exfoliating, moisturizing, and a Retinol cream that continues to encourage collagen production.  I will be seeing Rodeo Drive to do several other body parts with this same treatment. Considering how impossible scars are to heal I would highly recommend this treatment.

Setara M.

I wanted to let everyone know you are amazing! Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Centers, Michelle and Dr. Mofid took such good care of my hubby! Can't wait to see the results of the removal of the xanthelasma  You guys at the center are wonderful.  I know after his treatment his skin is going to look amazing. He can't wait till his next session!

Melinda P.

I had a great experience at Rodeo Cosmetics! Started the radio frequency to help tone my jaw line, neck area, and my tummy! Rodeo Drive cares about how you look and wants to give you results to make you feel and look great! They will spend professional time in sculpting your skin.

Painless treatment with no down time. Why not! I definitely recommend Rodeo Drive Cosmetics!!

Julie M.

I went to see Rodeo Drive for the radio frequency treatment. I did not know what to expect but I was amazed at how much firmer my skin looked and felt! They absolutely knows their stuff! there is not one question they cannot answer how to make you look younger longer.

I highly recommend getting on their schedule to start turning back the hands of time.

Toia O.

Just gotta let everyone know about the beautiful results I received from Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Centers after my tummy tuck/lipo. The techniques they utilized has made my stomach and back very flat and smooth and, has also sped up my recovery process. 

I am extremely happy with my results and have to give them a lot of credit for my post tummy tuck/lipo results. They also whitened my teeth.  They are really brighter and about 7 shades lighter! 

In addition, I am currently getting tightening my thighs, fading scars and stretch marks which is showing beautiful results already.  I absolutely love the way my body is transforming.  Thanks!

T O.

Arleen K.

Two weeks after 7 hours of surgery I started seeing Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Centers. They used both ultra sound and LED light for lymphatic drainage on my face. I was amazed at how immediately I saw a reduction in tightness, swelling and inflammation. This gentle technique helped my recovery immensely. After 6 sessions they taught me how to use Zo Skin Care Health products so that my skin would continue to heal, glow and look firm. They are able to answer many of my questions. Their kindness, support and thoughtfulness throughout my healing process were sincerely appreciated.