Anti-Gravity Facial

eliminate wrinkles with an anti-aging facial

The facial starts with an ultrasonic cleansing to remove dead build-up and debris in the pores all while pushing lymph through the lymphatic system to encourage brightening and healthy skin cell renewal. A microcurrent pushes products deeper into the skin to maximize ingredient benefits. Radio frequency massage shortens and lengthens the muscles in your face to tone and lift them to go back to a more youthful state.  

We recommend adding an LED light treatment that awakens and stimulates your collagen and elastin cells and ending the facial with a Anti-Aging mask incorporating a number of ingredients that prevent free radical damage. We also recommend adding on a dermaplaning session after the ultrasonic cleansing.

Clients notice a difference in texture and tightness after only one treatment. We recommend one session twice a month for optimum results. Use high quality concentrated products with a custom regimen planned by your aesthetician, who has seen your skin up close and knows what your skin needs.