Hair Regrowth

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What Is pen micro needling?

We use a special pen that is a motorized instrument which has a disposable cartridge tip outfitted with micro-needles. The length of these medical grade needles vary from 0.5-2.5 mm.

How Does It Work In Hair Loss and How Many Sessions Are Needed?

The pen has inbuilt motor, which causes the micro-needle in the cartridge tip to oscillates at high speed and puncture the skin causing controlled micro-trauma.

These micro-trauma attract increase blood flow in the skin during healing phase along with increased growth factors in the area involved.

This leads to activation of latent stem cells in the hair to regrow and multiplicate. Moreover, it leads to the dihydrotestosterone level decrease in the local surrounding area of hair bulb with increased blood flow.

In androgenetic alopecia, it is found there is increase in the DHT levels and its receptors in the hair follicles of the scalp.

Thus, with derma pen micro needling, the changes are occurring at the cellular level and can be seen only after successive 6-12 sessions. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended.

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What Is The Downtime With Micro-Needling Pen Procedure?

It is an office based procedure. Since it causes controlled micro-trauma consisting of uniform depth channels, the recovery time is minimal with 1-2 days, with no or minimal bleeding.

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Hair Regrowth using Micro-Needling, Minoxidil Hair Growth Program
Hair Regrowth Therapy

The treatment program will consist of the following:

  • Minimum 6 Sessions of micro-needling: 1 session every two - four weeks of Micro-needling in pattern hair loss regions of the scalp.

  • Application of  Minoxidil or Rogaine (for women) and growth factor serum’s during session.

That’s it. The Micro-needling will stimulate growth factors helping hair follicles to support hair growth and reduce hair loss. 

What makes our Micro-Needling Better for Hair Regrowth?

We use a Pen Micro-Needling Device. It uses a disposable 12 micro-needle cartridge and enables the technician to adjust depth and speed of the device depending on the application and area being treated. The Micro-needling device provides superior treatment over the alternative of a derma roller.

As the micro-needles make small punctures into the region of the scalp where hair loss occurs, the body begins to respond by producing growth factors. These growth factors are a natural part of healing in all of us.

What appears to happen according some of the latest research is that the combination of these growth factors along with application of Minoxidil Hair Growth Program, the body will see much more hair growth over just Minoxidil/Rogaine treatments alone.

Is Micro-needling safe?

Yes. All research shows thus far it is an extremely safe and effective procedure.

How long is treatment and what exactly is the treatment protocol?

In the photos shown of the before and after pictures, these are results that were seen at the 12 week mark. It’s best to do a 12 week session to see if improvement is occurring. This will be a once per two-four week session with the technician to micro-needle the areas of hair loss. The patient will normally continue Minoxidil/Rogaine during and after the minimum 6 to 12 week treatment sessions.

Thank you for visiting our web page on Hair Regrowth.  The combination of once every two -four weeks of Micro-Needling and daily Minoxidil/Rogain applications has resulted in effective hair regrowth according to the latest research.

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