LED Light Therapy

What is LED Light Therapy and it's Benefits?

LED Light Therapy Facials for Lymphatic drainage, Anti-Aging & Acne

The study & use of light therapy is more than 100 years old. Previously the technology of LED Light Therapy was used by physicians, NASA & the NAVY SEALS for muscle regeneration & wound healing. Now used by Estheticians with amazing results. LED Light Therapy is a true “wrinkle defying” treatment that uses a totally non-invasive and painless technology that provides the most efficient way to target fine lines and wrinkles.


Kills acne bacteria

Evens out complexion

Reduces redness & inflammation.

Eliminates sun spots and dark circles

Promotes greater absorption of serums.

Helps to minimize pore size & increases moisture retention.

Stimulates collagen & elastin production to eliminate fine lines & wrinkles, firm, tone & restore youthful radiance.

This NON-INVASIVE therapy was especially designed for people who have undegone cosmetic surgery such as Liposculpture, Breasts and Tummy Tuck. It includes the combined use of devices like Ultrasound, Thermotherapy, LED, Infrared, as well as manual Lymphatic Drainage massages.

This therapy is destined to eliminate fluids that can be accumulated and trapped in the scar tissue and harden it, resulting in pain, fibrosis and unwanted irregularities.

The excess of fluid is then removed by the lymphatic
system, and subsequently excreted by natural ways
without any negative side effects. In addition,
manual massages improve circulation,
decrease edema
and have a beneficial effect on the texture of the skin,
improving the healing process.

The post-surgical therapy is recommended to detect,
treat and eliminate some possible irregularities
on the skin, bacterial cellulite, and seromas
(fluid accumulation) that can be treated on time
and thus achieve an optimal result after cosmetic procedures.
Ultrasound is a technique based on the application of energy (sound waves) in the treated area. The sound waves are absorbed and transformed by the body into another kind of energy (caloric) producing special therapeutic effects particularly on cellulite and local fat deposits.

This method induces vasodilation, and improves the metabolism and lymphatic drainage restoring circulation in the tissues affected by swelling and inflammation. It can be used as a complement to other cosmetic treatments especially in post-surgical therapies.

Ultrasound device must be handled by properly trained professionals.

1. Physiological effects
Hyperemia (redness): is the most important thermal effect, caused by a local increase in temperature.
Increased cellular permeability: The mechanical effect of ultrasound makes the cells come into rhythmic undulations, causing changes in the tissue’s permeability. This molecular motion accelerates the osmotic and metabolic processes at the cellular level, which combined with hyperemia produces analgesic, antiphlogistic, and spasmolytic action.
Spasmolytic action: Ultrasound’s vasodilation effect is evident especially in vascular spasms.
Antiphlogistic action: it is based on the increase of blood flow and dilation of lymphatic pathways causing better resolution of swelling once ultrasound is applied.

2. Mechanical effects
A mechanical micro-massage occurs in the tissues, developing interesting therapeutic effects. There is also a phenomenon called “cavitation”, which increases the cell membrane’s permeability accelerating the exchange of fluids, promoting diffusion processes, and improving cellular metabolism.

3. Chemical effects
As a result of the mechanical and thermal factor, a series of chemical reactions appear such as release of vasodilator substances.
Processes of Post-operative fibrosis (more than 1 month after surgery)
Muscle relaxer and analgesic effect
Injuries of tendons and ligaments
Muscle-tendon fibrosis
Stretch marks, scars, and Keloids
Improve joint mobility
Cellulite appearance


Avoid applying Ultrasound over specialized tissues: heart, testes and ovaries, eyes and ears
Avoid during any stage of Pregnancy
Avoid during menstruation
Avoid on growing cartilage (children and young people)
Avoid on people with pacemakers and cardiac devices
Avoid on patients suffering Thrombophlebitis
Avoid on patients with Bleeding disorders and hemorrhages (heparinized patients)
Avoid the use in presence of intrauterine devices
Avoid in Skin disorders, open wounds and active infections

The Thermotherapy involves the application of local heat for therapeutic purposes. Heat is a natural therapeutic agent that has been used since ancient times for its effectiveness. This treatment regenerates and revitalizes the skin, activates circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage, increases oxygen supply, and nourishes tissues offering a greater freshness to the skin. It has an important analgesic effect, and the relaxing effect provides a pleasant sensation of well-being and sedation.


For a normal development, the human body must maintain a constant temperature that ranges between 35 and 37 Celsius degrees. The body has self-regulatory mechanisms that regulate temperature when this comes out its limits. When temperature in the organism increases the following phenomena happens:

Increased sweating leads a caloric loss by evaporation of surface water and lung hyperventilation for water vapor removal.
Hyperemia and therapeutic effect on localized areas.
Stimulates cellular metabolism increasing cellular functions
The circulatory system produces vasodilation, increasing the anti-inflammatory effect.
Nervous system acts producing a sedative effect
Muscles relax and an antispasmodic effect is shown
On adipose tissue produces stimulation of fat catabolism.


Chronic and sub-acute inflammations
Circulatory disorders
Arthritic processes, periarthritis and sprains
Painful processes, myalgia and neuralgia
Contractures and muscle spasms
General detoxification treatments
Relaxation therapies
Localized adiposities
Generalized obesity
Improve joint mobility
Cellulite appearance

LED light therapy is fast becoming a revolution in health care, as one of the most acclaimed and documented treatments for aging, healing wounds, and improving skin diseases. It's a non-invasive photo-therapy procedure that works using the properties of panels that deliver certain wavelength of low-level pulses of light up to three times brighter than the sun. The frequency and duration of the LEDs in the photo-pulsation process, gradually activates the skin cells inducing changes in it. This happens because skin has a high blood and water content, so it quickly absorbs light to produce enough energy to cause a healing response from the body.

Changes result in to treating a particular condition and helping to alleviate the signs of aging and improving the healing process of the skin cells. Studies show that skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster; therefore, as LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, it also promotes the healing of wounds, scars and burns.

Red light is good for all skin types. It rejuvenates the skin by improving blood flow and increasing collagen production. It doesn’t just leave the skin looking younger, but makes it feel younger deep down. It also induces an immune response that helps to regenerate cells rejuvenating the skin and boosting the healing process.


Why Should I Get LED Light Therapy?

This helps to minimize pore size and increases moisture retention. It also reduces redness & inflammation. LED promotes greater absorption of serums. This skin treatment is great for anti-aging and restoration. The LED therapy will stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and the protein building blocks of the skin. We also recommend following up with radio frequency for skin tightening. If you need a quick pick-me-up for the face, this treatment can be added to your skin care regime on a regular basis which can easily be squeezed into a lunch break. LED is used in most of our anti-aging and sculpting treatments to ensure that your skin will always look younger, glowing, and flawless. This is one of the most effective LED light therapies available that can be standalone or as an add on to any facial; we recommend this treatment to be paired with the skin tightening radio frequency treatment. Use high quality concentrated products with a custom regimen planned by your aesthetician, who has seen your skin up close and knows what your skin needs.