Microcurrent Hydradermabrasion

What is Microcurrent Hydradermabrasion?

Get Wrinkle-Free Radiant Glowing Skin with This Treatment

The ultimate rejuvenation experience for all skin types for those who are 30 years+! This facial uses high-tech equipment to implement holistic treatments. Your skin will feel completely restored and look clear and smooth. Microcurrent hydradermabrasion lifts the muscle and reduces wrinkles with LED lights along with serum infusion. This fitness facial will give you a youthfully radiant skin. Your skin will reverse the aging effects leaving you with a fresh face that is toned, hydrated, and energized. This treatment requires no down time. We recommend 2 treatments per month for 6 treatments for optimum results. Use high quality concentrated products with a custom regimen planned by your aesthetician, who has seen your skin up close and knows what your skin needs.